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August 28, 2004 Born to Glacier and Leviathan a male Brown Spotted Tabby.


                               Brown spotted Male                                                

                                    This boy will be available to the right breeding program, or as a pampered pet. (I feel he will have great show potential.)                        


Terri and Bear are proud to announce that they are parents to 1 female and 4 male F-2 Chausie kittens.

I will have pictures in the next few weeks. They were born October 22, 2004


Female Brown Ticked Tabby                                          Male #1 Brown Ticked Tabby


Male #2 Brown Ticked Tabby                                  Male #3 Brown Ticked Tabby


Male #4 Brown Ticked Tabby

Born November 17, 2004 Galaxy and Nova are proud to present 5 Brown spotted tabby kittens.


Female #1                                                                        Female #2


Female #3                                                                              Male #1

Male #2

Sid and Nova would like to announce their newest babies born November 18, 2004. Six Brown Spotted Tabbies


Male #1                                                                                          Male #2



Male #3                                                                                              Male #4


Female #1                                                                                           Female #2

Upcoming Litters

(all dates are approximate)

-Siduri and Nova Born November 18, 2004

-Galaxy and Nova Born November 17, 2004

-Tesla and Leviathan are expecting a litter.

-We do have several other litters planned through out the year, so please check back with us often



Kittens are reserved by deposit only.

We accept credit card and 
electronic payments through
We require non-refundable deposits to hold a special kitten
$100.00 non-refundable deposit for pets
$200.00 non-refundable deposit for breeders          
* pets-$500.00 and up 
(Occasionally there are exceptions.)
* breeders- $1000.00 and up
*Prices are dependant upon several factors, a few are listed below.
-age of kittens
-temperament of kitten
-how well the kittens fit the standard
* As babies are born, you will be contacted as your name appears on our list
 and you will have the choice to choose in order or pass and wait on another kitten or litter
  Sometimes, kittens are passed up and some without deposits are able to get them.

*All of our cats/kittens come with a show/breeder contract or a pet contract. Please see our

 Information page for these contracts. All pet kittens are required to be spayed or neutered, if not done

 so prior to sale.

*Our kittens come with a written health Guarantee, all vaccines and wormings will be up to date

*All of our cats/kittens are microchiped with Avid Pet Identification system.

*We would love to meet the new parents of one of our babies, but understand that this is not

 always possible so we do offer shipping. Please inquire if you would like us to ship your Kitty as we also

 offer delivery service.

*Please fell free to contact us with any questions you may have about adopting one of our

 cats/kittens or about our in home cattery.

*Please visit the link below to learn more about the fuzzy stage that Bengal kittens go through.

Bengal Kitten Fuzzies

Please click here to answer any questions about the AVID microchip.

Please click here to visit a site on early spay and neuter.



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