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                       DEPOSIT CONTRACT





Description of Cat/Kitten:

Name:                                                                                                              Registration#:_________________

Breed:                                                            Color:                              Sex:                           DOB: __________

Sire: _____________________________________________________________________

Dam: _____________________________________________________________________


On this                 day of                           , 20           , a deposit of $                has been received from Purchaser to be applied towards the purchase price of the above described cat/kitten. The balance due must be paid before the breeder will release the above mentioned cat/kitten. Remaining balance must be paid by either cash or money order. (No personal checks, unless paid two weeks prior to pick up or shipping of kitten.)


The purpose of the deposit is to insure the Purchaserís intent to purchase the above described cat/kitten. It is not refundable should the Purchaser, for any reason, change his/her mind about purchasing the cat/kitten prior to the initial veterinarian examination described in the sale contract. The above said cat/kitten is being held for the Purchaser and will not be sold to any other buyer, regardless. A breech of contract, either verbal, written or through neglect or avoidance to communicate, on Purchaserís part can jeopardize the chance of finding the above said cat/kitten a new home as quickly as possible. For this reason deposits are not refundable, to insure Purchaserís commitment to purchase above said cat/kitten, pay the balance due as indicated above and to accept delivery at that time or pay a boarding fee.


The purpose of this Deposit agreement also serves as a guarantee for the amount of deposit. The above amount of deposit will be refunded to the Purchaser if the Seller fails to make available the above said cat/kitten to Purchaser. However, Seller reserves the option to offer a replacement cat/kitten and the Purchaser is entitled to accept or decline.


Kittens are ready to go at ten to twelve weeks of age. Should the buyer request the kitten be held for a period beyond 7 days after this time, a boarding charge of $               per day will be accrued, unless specific arrangements to the contrary have been made between parties.


Seller:                                                           ____________     Buyer: ____________________________


Address:                                                                                          Address: ___________________________


______________________________________       __________________________________


Telephone:                                               Date: ________   Telephone: ______________ Date: ______


Signature:_______________________________      Signature:_________________________


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