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Enki and Dromi hugging





                                                                                              Inanna as a baby                                                                     Tesla, Inanna's first daughter

                                                                                                                                                                                   (I look just like mommy did at this age, don't you think?)

                                                                      "Kiwi" Sharo is a seal lynx point spotted male out of Inanna.

                                                                         (Thank you Ron for allowing me to share this picture)


                                    Siduri enjoying a treat                                                                        Nibiru Ring of Fire of Aluren      



                                               Yes, Bengals and Chausies get along just fine with dogs!!!!!


Our Bengals enjoy our screened porch as much as we do.


Enki and his daughter Siduri


                                                                               Siduri and Guinness (dog)                                                 Hobbes and Sera Kohr enjoy each others company.

Galaxy retrieving a "meal" for her babies.

Levi and his 1/2 sister Glacier smooching.


                                                                                                                 Nebula, a blue spotted Female.

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